Blog #5

During this internship I learned many things. I am so grateful this is an opportunity I can have. The highlights of my internship would definitely be getting to know many new people. On of my successes would be getting to get experience in the medical field and being able to see what different nurses do. I got so see many things and they even let me go in the ER. Some main challenges for me would probably have to be seeing some of these people in the hospital. Sometimes it was heartbreaking but the best part was seeing how they improved over time.

I met my goals from my first blog because I did a lot of them. This helped me to know how to be a leader and showed me many skills about that. I got to meet many people that work at the hospital and the clinic. My communication goal was met because I would have a conerection with at least 5 people everyday during this internship. Sometimes I would even have more it would depend on the day and how busy everyone was. I am so glad I did this internship it really helped me see how many options there are in the medical field. This was such an amazing experience.

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