Blog #5

Blog #5

My summer school internship this year was a very great learning experiences. I spent 3 weeks at Parkview Elementary and 4 additional weeks at a private school called Clovis Nazarene School. Both experiences were very beneficial and I learned lots of new and helpful things. 

With my time at Parkview, I was with a 2nd grade class. Our theme for our summer school was habitats. We learned about every single habitat, climate, and animals that live within that region. Everyday I would read a book to the kids about animals and I even learned a lot about animals I didn’t even know about. We took 3 field trips this year, 2 that were educational. The first trip was to the Clovis Zoo, we go to see a lot of the animals we had been talking about during the school year and we had the kids tell us a fact they knew about each animal as we walked throughout the zoo. This was a really fun field trip, the kids were very entertained with the animals and lots of them knew a bunch of facts we had talked about during the school year. The second trip we went to was Eastern New Mexico University, in Portales which is about 20 miles outside Clovis. There we visited their animal and mineral museum, which featured lots of live reptiles and several minerals that were native to New Mexico. The Parkview experience was so much fun, I saw a bunch of kids I worked with last year and it was an overall great summer school experience. 

The Nazarene internship was a little different I worked with kids ages 3 and 4. With these kids being so much younger we worked on a lot of motor skills with them. We taught them how to paint, how to say abc’s, and how to get along with others. We went on a field trip with them to the local splash pad at the end of the year just as a treat for doing so good during the summer program. The little ones require a lot more patience than the older ones, you are very repetitive with yourself and messes and accidents happen but that’s okay because we are teaching and showing them life skills that they will use for forever. 

The three goals I had at the beginning of this internship were to answer my emails faster, work on being kinder, more patient, and always loving, and lastly to make sure I am always doing my best and giving 100% so I am to grow my connections with people. Overall I feel like I did achieve those goals during my internship and I am looking forward to another internship next year.

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