Blog 5

      The Ogallala Commons internship has been a great experience to be apart of and I am very glad I was chosen. I have learned so much from the local businesses in my town. I was very surprised at what all the business do during their jobs. I was able to work with so many amazing people they have taught me a lot of information about their businesses. My two favorite businesses I went to work at was Moore Than Medicine and the probation office. Moore Than Medicine showed me that they will do anything for their customers. I am very interested in being a pharmacist now because they do a lot of good to help the health of the people. The probation office was awesome, I was able to see and hear things that I never thought I would be able to. The office is operated by so many wonderful ladies and they have shown me why I want to become a juvenile probation officer. 

        In blog two, I talked about my three different types of goals I made for my internship. My first goal was communication. I want to be able to speak more for myself because when I’m around adults I sometimes keep to myself and I become shy, so I want to get out of my bubble and speak out more.This was my most challenging goal because I had to get out of my comfort zone by speaking to adults and not just keep it to myself. My second goal was networking, I wanted to learn something new about the work environment where I am interning everyday so I can learn more and more about the world that we live in. Everyday I asked someone a fact about there business and at first it was a little hard to ask someone, but it started to become easier everyday. My third goal was leadership, I wanted to learn how to get the people in my community more involved in our town to make it better. At my first community service project, Swister County Operation Conversation, I saw some kids just standing around and not doing anything so I rounded them up to get them to play games. The purpose of Operation Conversation was to explain what all the cops do for our community and what the kids can do to help.

        I hope everyone gets a chance to learn about Ogallala Commons and to be apart of the organization because it was an experience that I will never forget. This internship has helped change my perspective about my town for the better. 

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