Blog 5

My internship this summer has consisted of a lot of planning yard work and a week of basketball camp. Since the core of my internship was the basketball camp and the camp only lasted a week long we had to improvise to come up with some other tasks for me to do. unfortunately I will not have all of my internship hours completed before the end of the summer but it has still been very eventful and there are still a lot of takeaways and a lot of learning experiences that I had. As far as my basketball camp goes I think that it was a great success. I made out a plan of events and drills to do everyday for 2 hours and was able to stick to that plan for the most part everyday and was able to get through everything I wanted to. Then, the kids themselves seemed to really dive into what we were trying to get them to do. I think that the biggest challenge was keeping them all engaged for the full 2 hours but ultimately they were very fun to work with. So, I think that the basketball camp was the biggest success of the summer and I had a lot of fun doing it. As far as challenges go I think the biggest challenge was fining time to complete all of my hours outside of the camp which is the main reason why I will not finish all of my hours by the end of summer.

I am going to discuss my goals in regards to my basketball camp because that was the base of my internship and I believe that I achieved all 3 that I had. In terms of leadership I wanted to assure that these kids are more coachable and have a better understanding of the game so that when basketball season gets here they are already ahead of the game. Then as far as communication I wanted to end the week with more kids than I started. Finally, my goal for networking is to use this for future employment opportunities by putting it on a resume and explaining the success that I had. Like I said I believe that I achieved the first 2 goals and that I will achieve the third. As far as my internship as a whole I am happy that I got the experience and was able to go through challenges and successes and I think it will be a beneficial experience going forward.

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