Blog 4- Jacklynn Snyder

A requirement for the completion of an Ogallala Commons internship is 10 hours of community service.  I did a variety of projects throughout the ten hours.  The one I spent the most time on was volunteering at the Rocky Ford swimming pool. The local swimming pool puts on a triathlon every year as a fundraiser. A triathlon consists of three parts: running, biking, and swimming. More and more people participate every year. This means that more and more volunteers are needed every year. This year the tasks of getting volunteers was on my shoulders. I rounded up everyone that we needed and also helped myself. In order to run the triathlon smoothly the volunteers stand on corners where turns are, hand out water, and help anywhere else that they’re needed. It is great to be able to serve your community and watch it come together in such a way. This relates to the leisure and recreation asset because people are getting together and having fun, as well as exercising. It’s great! The other volunteer activity I did was babysit kids from my church. Many of the parents don’t have money or would like to save money and so I volunteered to babysit their kids. We played games, like marbles and board games, we ate hot dogs, and just had a good time. Plus, the parents were so incredibly grateful to have a night just to themselves! I love that I was able to include the spirituality asset with my volunteer work. In general I think that volunteering in your community is essential. I wish I had more time to lend a helping hand and encourage all of you that are reading this to take time to serve the world around you. Pictured on the left below is some of the kids I have babysat before and on the right is a picture of our swimming pool.


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