Blog #4- Community Service

For my community service hours I chose to help teach Child Birth Education classes at Rooks County Health Center. These classes are offered once a month depending on the number of women signed up for them. I believe that child birth education classes are very important, because it teaches both parents what to expect during the laboring and postpartum processes. Often times, these days women think they are prepared for child birth because they watched a movie or a YouTube video. This is also why women often go into child birth with the wrong idea whether they are terrified or they have the impression that it will be a walk in the park. Without child birth education classes, it is easy for mothers to feel unprepared and be taken off guard by something that is usually a common occurrence. Child Birth is not a medical issue, it is a natural occurrence that women have been going through from the beginning of time. These classes help them understand exactly what their body is/ is going to be doing and why. This in turn enables them to have more control during childbirth. Fathers can also definitely get something out of these classes! It will help them be more aware, compassionate, and knowledgeable about what their partner is going through. We also touch on ways that dad can be involved and helpful during childbirth such as, affirmations, massages, counter pressure, and more. I love being a part of the movement to “normalize” childbirth and making women feel as prepared and confident about it as possible. The most challenging part of teaching child birth education classes is convincing women that their bodies really are capable of this amazing task. Being able to teach the child birth education classes has helped me personally better learn and understand the information that it covers. I’m so grateful that I got the opportunity to participate in these classes and to better myself while also preparing women for more controlled enjoyable birthing experience!

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