Blog 4: Community Service

As part of the internship this year was to complete ten hours of community service. Throughout the summer I did a variety of community services including tutoring, collecting canned foods, and being a wedding companion.

My main focus for my community service during the summer was tutoring a young girl who was struggling with math. I decided to choose this project as my community service because my favorite subject in school is math and I love to help others reach their full potential. It was a bit challenging in the beginning because she would get distracted easily by her phone and she would just want to get the session over with but it slowly got easier. To get her attention I decided to have her set some goals as in where she wanted to be at the end of the summer. I also played a few math games that would help her but where she would also have some fun. At times she would get frustrated with herself because she could not figure some problems out but I would encourage and tell her to keep trying because she was not going to get any better if she did not try.

As another part of my community service, I collected cans to give to our local food pantry. Our local food bank gives food to those who struggle to get enough to support their family. Sometimes it is hard to get enough food for all the families that come so I decided to ask some people I know to donate food for those who struggle a bit more.

My final part of my community service for the internship was being a wedding companion. As a wedding companion I helped our deacon during the wedding rehearsal to line everyone up and to translate what he was saying to Spanish. I also helped during the wedding by making sure everyone was there and getting them to the right spot.


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