Blog 4: Community Service

For my 10 hours of community service I helped under privileged animals at the Amarillo ASPCA and I helped my mom out at school. The Amarillo ASPCA is a no-kill shelter and houses lots of dogs and cats of all different sizes and ages. They are always willing to take in volunteers to help out with all of their critters. While I was here I played with a small dog named Murphy. He was a mixed breed and had been adopted out once but unfortunately, his new owners could not care for him and he was returned. After I played with Murphy for a while I went to the cat part of the shelter and played with some cats. Cats are my favorite animal and I love interacting with them because I don’t have a cat of my own. I cleaned out some litter boxes and then I was on my way back to the pups. Back with the dogs I helped take them outside for some exercise and cleaned out some kennels. At the end of the day I smelled like a puppy but it was well worth it. For the other 5 hours of community service, I helped out my mom at school. She is the school custodian at Hart High School and it is up to her to keep the entire high school up to par. She is the only custodian we have in the high school and as you can imagine, it is a lot of work for one person. I helped her on a day she was stripping the floors of the wax to be able to put a fresh coat. Stripping the floors consisted of soaking them with water and a stripping solution, using the stripper to get of the old wax, picking up the water with a water picker, and finally mopping the floor twice to prepare if for new wax. It was tedious but we got the job done.

IMG_0241[1]  IMG_0244[2]

I completely forgot to take pictures of myself performing said tasks so I am very sorry my face is not in any of these pictures but I guarantee I did do both projects mentioned!

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