Blog 4: Community Service

By: Kati Babb

For my community service, I worked in the Vilas School Library, opening it once a week for three hours for three weeks. This was a project my supervisor and I decided on because it fit well into my schedule and would give students in the Summer Reading Program a chance to check out books and ask me any questions they had in person. While I was there, I also shelved books for the librarian and checked in books that the summer school students had read and left. This meant I was able to help clean up from the work I was doing in the mornings.

I really enjoyed this opportunity because I always enjoyed the school library when I was a student at Vilas. It was cool to be on the other side of the desk, understanding some of what the librarian did. Something I was not prepared for, however, was the heat. Currently, because of remodeling at the school, the library is found in the gym. The gym’s AC has never worked well, especially in 100-degree weather. I was grateful for the fan that the school provided, or else I fear I might have melted!

Overall, I enjoyed my community service hours. They allowed me a unique glimpse into a position I was always curious about and allowed me to offer extra services to students who needed them. It was always fun to see who came in and to be reminded about why I loved the school’s library so much.

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