Blog 4 Community Service

By: Semira Brookins

While I was volunteering with Meals on Wheels I had one of the greatest times of my entire summer. Going into it I was so nervous and thinking “ omg, what if I mess up, what if they’re mean. ”, and just freaking out the entire time! But I literally had the best time. I got to help such amazing, and thankful people. It just truly did something to me personally. Meals on Wheels is a community program that provides meals for individuals who can not provide for themselves. They don’t just make meals and give everyone the same thing. I even noticed that they adapt to different peoples needs, such as allergies, diabetic differences, and even just preference. It’s like they build a relationship and bond with the people they’re providing for, and I think that’s such a blessing and what they need. I got to serve the most precious and thankful people, and was so happy every second I was there. Although it could get hot in the van it was so worth being able to see everyone. In all honesty I wasn’t thinking about gaining anything mentally. Being able to see them so happy, and grateful just did something to my mind, and made me think about everything just so differently. They’re just the most precious people you could ever meet, and being able to see them everyday was like a form of therapy for me. I couldn’t even feel the heat anymore, it was such an amazing experience! My last day was kind of hard, knowing that I couldn’t see them again for a while since I’d have to work in the morning for the next couple of weeks. But there’s no way I will let that be my last day ever. I will definitely find some time off somewhere to visit again. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures from my experience, but I had too much time to enjoy!

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