Blog 4: Community Service

I was given an opportunity to spend my community service helping Silverton with the maintenance of some of the people in the town. It started on Loretta Street where I helped fix a fence for a lady working for the town hall. We had to pull the door completely off of the hinges since the wind had pulled the first half off. After we had pulled the fence door off the hinges, we laid it on the ground and fired up the welder and grinders. We used the grinders to knock off the old hinges and the slag left on the door from the previous times it had been fixed. Then we put new hinges on the fence posts, which we call “hurricane hinges” because they were two feet long, and were about thirty pounds each. These hinges were welded onto the posts which were to hold up the door. Then while praying there wasn’t going to be a snake or in other words, “a nope rope” under the door we lifted it up and welded it to the hinges. After welding it to the hinges we noticed it was leaning a bit to the left so we decided to rip it off and start on a new door. So we added a wheel onto the bottom of the frame and stood it back up to weld it, but of course it wasn’t as easy as it was the first time because now it rolls. So after struggling to keep the door straight we finally got it to stay straight enough to weld it back to the post and shut it all back up. It may have been hot that day but overall it was a nice experience to do around the town and I would be honored to do it again for anyone if asked.

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