Blog 4: Community Service

For my community service, I decided to help prepare for the Todd County Fair. My role was to help prepare the building for the fair by cleaning it and arranging the tables and chairs for those decorating. Then, after the fair, I cleaned the building again before arranging the tables and chairs again for future 4H meetings.

It’s unfortunate to say, but I chose this particular community service because it was all that was available to me at the time. I was supposed to do even more during the actual fair, but due to a family illness, I missed the fair. Despite this, what I did before and after the fair was still important. The building isn’t used that much throughout the year, so it isn’t cleaned too often. Because of this, there are always a lot of dead bugs, dust, and dirt. The cleaning took longer than I thought, as we had to not just clean the main two rooms, but the bathrooms and kitchen. I did have help, as there is usually one person cleaning for pay. I helped her clean before and after. I am amazed that she is able to do that herself.

The Todd County Fair is always a fun time for the people of Mission, as it’s a great place to come together and play games, socialize, showcase talent, and see some cool farm animals. Though I didn’t get to take part in the fair this year, preparing the building as important for the simple fact that nearly everything takes place in the building.

After the fair, we had to go in and clean up the mud that been tracked in from mud volleyball, we had to clean dirt from all of the activities over the few days. It was a long long cleaning process, but we got it done.

I usually love going to the fair every year. It was hard to miss it this year, but it was comforting knowing that I was crucial in helping it along this year. Not only was it great to do this, but it made me appreciate those who clean workspaces and activity buildings. Their hard work makes these kinds of things possible.

Before the fair. This was just one of the rooms we had to move chairs/tables, sweep, and mop.
The Todd County Fair in progress. The tables were arranged by me and another person. Notice the floors are decently clean 🙂
After the fair. Once again we had to move everything, sweep, and mop. It took a long time. But it was very rewarding.

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