Blog 4 – Community Service

Community service is one thing I absolutely love to do.  I do not do community service because I have to.  I do community service because I enjoy helping others.  My favorite part is getting to see the happy faces once everything is successfully completed.  I started helping at a young age.  4-H was one of the first leadership activities I got to do.  I started out small then started doing more and more.  I helped at day camps, fishing clinics, bicycle rodeos, and did a lot of other volunteer work.  I became an ambassador for 4-H and the city of Goodland my sophomore year in high school.  I participated in many community events because of these two groups.  Pheasant’s Forever chapter of Goodland has been a huge part of my life.  I was around the age of six when I started helping with set up, clean up, and the banquet in whole.  I still do all of those activities but during the summer time I generally spend most of my time with younger 4-H kids.  The first community service act I did during my internship was help with the children summer school.  I went to North Elementary and helped a group of thirty five children learn about plants.  The children were very intelligent and I could tell they were having a blast learning about everything as it was an interactive learning process.  Kids a cookin’ is an activity through the extension office.  I was in cooking for years with 4-H and I volunteer to help at kids a cookin’ during the summer.  The four days I helped with were a joy.  The kids made Sorbet Shakes, Egg Rolls, Zucchini brownies, Banana Cupcakes, Power Bites, Fruit Pizza, and much more.  During this activity I washed a lot of dishes as the kids attending were younger and we had a time crunch.  I enjoyed watching them get excited about the garden we went to see and talking about the different types of plants that they enjoyed the most.  Overall community service is a big piece of my life, one I could not imagine not doing.

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