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Blog #4

For my 10 service hours I did some volunteering at the local food shelter, participated in helping in the nursery at my church, and I coached girls basketball. At the food shelter I had the task of wrapping crackers up and get them package and ready to be shipped out into the city. This task wasn’t very difficult just time consuming. It ended up being about 1,000 crackers that were wrapped. This was a good experience for me to go through to help out the community and give back to others. Volunteering at the nursery in church is always an exciting thing to do, all the kids are great to be around and I have been able to create a bond with every one of them. This experience has been good for me because I am able to observe how kids grow and what their habits are so when I get back into the classroom I have learned new things that will benefit both the children and I. Lastly this summer I helped coach the 8th grade basketball team because the basketball program has a few summer camps and things they go to and the coaches were low on staff so my old coach asked me if I would be able to go practice and summer camps with them. I spent about 3 weeks with them everyday and it was a challenging but good experience. I have a new appreciation for patients and what teachers and coaches have to go through. Overall all 3 experiences were very beneficial and i am looking forward to volunteering as much as possible in the future.