Blog 4

For my community service I did several different things. One of them was setting up for vacation bible school, another was helping with our summer library, the last one was helping with our local food pantry.

The first community service I did was help set up VBS. I helped put up decorations all over the building, I chose this project because I was unable to make VBS so I thought I would help decorate. The best part about helping with VBS was knowing the smile on the kids faces when they walked into the building, the most challenging part was knowing where to put the decorations. It impacted me because when I was little I really looked forward to VBS and I wanted to bring that to them. Another community service I did was help with our summer reading program. There I helped put away books and helped with the crafts. I chose this community service because I love reading and I love watching little kids start learning how to read. The best part about this was helping the kids with there crafts, but the most challenging part was trying to help the kids because all kids learn at different rates. It impacted me because I knew that those kids walked out of there knowing they had a good time. The last community service project I did was I helped with the food pantry. There I helped unload the truck that deliveries the food and help families take the food out to there car. I chose this service because I wanted to give back to the families that do not have much. The best part about the service was that I got to help the families, but the most challenging part was that most of them did not speak English so it was a little difficult to communicate with them. It really impacted me because it showed me that some families do not have much.

Doing community service has really impacted me in several different ways. And I am so great full for have gotten the chance to help around my community.

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