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For my community service project I cleaned the Hair Design owned by Delissa Villa. This shop is a part of me because I grew up there. Every Monday of each month I go to help maintain a great beauty salon. Some Mondays I worked late because of the things that had to be done.

As soon as I found out we had to do some sort of community service for the internship I panicked I had so much I wanted to do but didn’t know when and where to start at. The reason I chose this for my project was because it was and use to be a family business. My grandmother and grandfather owned it and my mom, aunts, cousins worked as hairdressers plus some really talented friends helped to. Practically I was raised there and felt that it was my duty to still be apart of the business even though a great young woman owns it now.

The best part about cleaning the Hair Design is that I get to make it look clean and smell good. Plus getting to be there makes me want to learn more. Most challenging is when I have a time limit to get it done. It usually takes about two hours but I like to stay there a little longer. There are three parts to clean the front, the shampoo room, and the restroom. This has impacted me by showing me how to be a responsible person and to be well organized.

This community service project reflects my goals for this internship. It makes me want to accomplish my best work and show people what I can do with just cleaning supplies or anything. It may seem easy but it is a lot of work. From cleaning the front all the way to the restroom. Making sure everything is in order and done how it is supposed to look  and smell.