Blog #4

I did my community service with Mrs. Self. Me and Amelia Mort both did ours together. We helped her bake and sell her famous sugar cookies. We also helped decorate the sugar cookies. Mrs.Self let us have our own little store where people came in and bought the cookies. These helped fundraise for national FCCLA First started off by making the dough we would put it in bags and put it in next-generation fridge to chill. After that Mrs.Self would get the dough and she would roll it out and cut them out in to stars. We would bake them and let them cool. When they were cool we would flat ice then and then we would decorate. One they were decorated we put them in boxes and set them in our store. These helped fundraise for national FCCLA. I choose to do this because Mrs.Self is a great person to work with. She had taught me many things about everything. She is a bett whose won am and I look up to her. The most challenging would have been being able to stay focused after the long hours of baking and decorating cookies. We baked, decorated, and sold cookies for many hours. This helped me by getting to know more people in our community and being able to know how to attend people while they shopped for cookies. This helped the community by being able yo give money for our FCCLA trip. They were able to help them pay for many expenses they had on their trip.

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