Blog 3: The CommonWealth of Dimmitt, Texas

I did my Commonwealth last year over my hometown of Hart so this year I decided to do it over Dimmitt, the town I’m working out of. Dimmitt is located about 15 minutes from Hart so I am fairly familiar with it although I do not know as much as I would like. Learning about another town was an interesting experience. I visited Dimmitt’s Chamber of Commerce and they were lots of help!

The city of Dimmitt has many things to offer despite being so small. There are many farms and grain elevators surrounding it and that provides jobs for many. There are over 20 churches here so religion is a big part of this small town. Dimmitt ISD consists of 3 campuses, Dimmitt High which was newly constructed, Dimmitt Middle School, and Richardson Elementary. One of my favorite places in Dimmitt is where I’ve spent most of my time this summer, Plains Memorial Hospital. The hospital is connected to the clinic and the rehab center so it is very convenient. Some of the people at the hospital are in the process of putting together a food shed for those less fortunate. They have organized a Snack Pak for kids for the children of Dimmitt and a group called Hands of Hope builds ramps for the less fortunate to be able to have better access to their homes. Dimmitt also has a nine-hole golf course with a restaurant and swimming pool, numerous restaurants and parks for the city to enjoy. There is a pharmacy, grocery store, and library which make things easily accessible for the citizens of Castro County. Dimmitt is home to the Castro County courthouse and newspaper. There is also a museum and something I found interesting was the Ozark Trails Obelisk, a marker that was used for travelers along the Ozark Trail to mark distance to other cities.

“Dimmitt, a rural community with dynamite people, is all fired up to help make your visit ‘quiet’ pleasant!”- Dimmitt Chamber of Commerce.

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