Blog 3 Hannah Pittman Common Wealth

Being from the cowboy capital of the world I think it’s safe to say that I’ll have to start with history for the first key asset to commonwealth. Dodge City being famous for its rich history as a frontier Cowtown worldwide, it’s soon grew after 1871, right off of the Arkansas River. While Dodge brought in the average “cowboy” there were also plenty of gamblers and outlaws. You can still find the famous Boot Hill Museum on WyatEarp Blvd. and not far from that a statue of our Bull commemorating the Texas cattle drives that happened in the 1800s. Moving on to the next key asset of wealth for Dodge City, for me that would be education. Having gone to school here since 5th grade and then onto the community college I have a good first hand knowledge of what a person can achieve with a great education system. Our community college here  offers many hand in hand classes to learn trades that you can use in the field. Many of which you would not be able to find in some cities. One of these being the construction program the college offers. Working with the city and the high school they offer a well rounded view of all opportunities in the construction field. These include basic building skills, plan review, code inspection, and residential and commercial insight in building. While Dodge City continues to make leaps and bounds across the map, it has always offered its next generation the best quality of education possible while still keeping the Wild West alive.

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