Blog 3 – Emerson Nichols

The Commonwealth Assets can be found all over our small communities, we just have to open our eyes to them. For example, in my town, there are lots of sculptures throughout our parks that make you really ponder and think about “Arts and Culture”. “Arts and Culture” can also be seen at our community theater and the Deines Cultural Center, which showcases local artists. In Lucas, KS, there are many types of artistry, such as America’s Most Artistic Giant Toilet and the Garden of Eden. In Wilson, KS, there is the World’s Largest Czech Egg. At my local library, there are beautiful paintings on the building that really invite both adults and children into the building to read and learn, showcasing the asset of “Education”. From being in FFA and 4-H, I have gotten to know many farmers and agriculturists. Just in my family, I have been able to see various types of “Foodshed”. My brother works at a seed manufacturing company, and my father is a veterinarian, so he works hand-in-hand with many producers. My town is rich with 8 parks and 2 walking trails, showing the best of “Leisure and Recreation”. Many people in my town own solar panels and we have wind turbines lining parts of I-70 in our county, showing true “Renewable Energy”. Within my town, we have many types of “History”, the most prominent being our Historical Society with outstanding exhibits. We also have a lot of history in our parks due to many historical sculptures, one example is our sculpture of an Angel in Bickerdyke Park. For the Commonwealth Asset of “Health”, we have a wonderful hospital as well as a great Recreational Center. “Spirituality” can be found in our various churches. I can find “Soil and Mineral Cycle” in the gardens found around town. Many people have wells in their backyards, and that can help show the “Water Cycle”. In Russell, we have quite a few examples of “Wildlife & Natural World”. We have foxes, squirrels, birds, etc. Russell definitely has a “Sense of Place”. This can be found in the way people communicate with one another, it is a very kind and giving community. Through trying to find the 12 Key Commonwealth Assets, I now view my community with a sense of pride. I am now even more grateful to live in my town.

One of the many beautiful sculptures in Bickerdyke Park
Tour with one of our innovative producers, Alice Hill

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