Blog 3: Commonwealth Assets in my Community

Commonwealth is the main driving force within our community. We can oftentimes forget that there are so many things that go in to our community to make it unique. Throughout my internship, I have really had a chance to see my community from various angles, and learn about all of the possibilities within it. It is really great to see the “behind the scenes” of what makes our town unique. One of the Commonwealth Assets I found throughout the various places of business I have been at has been history. Hearing various stories, of how many of our shops came about, old and present. The history, and stories I learned showed me that all of the newer and older shops went through some of the same things, like having to deal with how the town wasn’t as busy as it once was, or how times were changing and they were having to adapt to the new “normal”. It shows that even though we go through hard times we need to stay positive and keep moving forward, and that is one of the things my town continues to do. Another Commonwealth Asset I found throughout my community was spirituality. Going to various ribbon cuttings, and places around town, we had to do things quite differently, and even though it may be challenging, the people were still maintaining a positive attitude through the circumstances. It was great to see how everybody was still bonding together, even though we are having to change the way we bond with one another. Everybody was still offering a helping hand, and making sure they were keeping each other safe. Church groups were coming together, and hosting events praying for our community, and also offering aid to various people within our area. Spirituality is one of the driving forces within our area, and it is pushing many people to keep going, and even though we are all going through uncomfortable situations, we still find that sense of hope. It helps to continue to keep the bond together throughout our town. Commonwealth, and its assets will continue to be a binding force within all of our communities, and lives. It is what continues to make us stronger so we can learn and continue to adapt and develop through our areas.

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