Blog 3: Commonwealth Assets in my Community

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Post Rock Festival in Lincoln, KS

Even though I travel a lot between Lincoln and Manhattan, I tend to spend most of my time in Manhattan. However, being in both helps me to see which assets are more present than others in both cities. Lincoln, being a small close-knit town, has some assets that go hand and hand with each other. First thing that comes to mind is renewable energy, as they have many windfarms in place. They’re throughout the countryside and are a great land marker, as they can be seen from a long distance day or night. Another asset is Foodshed, as Kansas and especially all around Lincoln there are lots of farmers. They can be seen working (specifically during Harvest) day and night, planting and harvesting crops to sell locally and across the nation.

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Hale Library, great place to study

Manhattan is a decent amount larger than Lincoln so it’s obviously going to have very different assets. Manhattan has more peeps, with half the population being college students. So it’s going to have a lot more Leisure and Recreation. They’ve recently built new campus buildings, like the Multi-Cultural Study building and are (maybe) almost finished with construction on the Hale Library. Off campus there’s also many different local restaurants and bars, which are constantly changing. Also considering that it’s a college town, making it’s educational asset high ranking. Manhattan’s whole economy and community is built around K-State. Hale Library has hundreds of years of research stored in person and digitally. The school is also a huge contributor for research in academia. The buildings also remind me a lot of Harry Potter. All of these adding to a strong Education Asset.

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