Blog 3: Commonwealth Assets

I Live in a small town called Canyon but I also live close to a bigger town called Amarillo. I grew up in Amarillo so to me both towns are my community. What I see in my community is everything from the commonwealth map. The first thing that comes to mind is the Palo Duro Canyon which is a soil and mineral cycle because of how it was created but it also has a lot of wildlife. The canyon carves out a place for adventure and learning and really brings the panhandle together. Canyon is now home to one of the biggest windmills in the world, which ties into renewable energy. There is not much water in the panhandle but the Ogallala is where we get our water so I think of the water cycle. Famers are all over the panhandle and we are able to get our foodshed from hardworking individuals who love what they do. The canyon also has a play called TEXAS that is very popular and there are museums in Canyon and Amarillo that are a fun place to learn the culture and history of our community. In Canyon we are home to the Buffaloes of West Texas A&M University, which gives our college students education. In Amarillo there is a small college called Amarillo College that gives students a less expensive approach to education. Amarillo houses a large community of immigrants from Africa to Asia to Mexico. Our spirituality shows through these different ethnicities. As you can see there is a lot of commonwealth in my community and I like to say I am proud to live in the Texas Panhandle. The Pictures below are what I like to think of as my community. I have my Horse team and my college which both describe my community. Go Buffs!


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