Blog 3: Commonwealth Assets

In every community there are commonwealth assets even if we do not always notice them. To my surprise, there were quite a few assets that I discovered in the small town of Nazareth, Texas. They range from sense of place to spirituality to education.

I’ll start off with the asset of sense of place. I know I will not be the first to say that one of the places I feel the most sense of place in is my own home. When I am at home, I know I do not have to be pressured by the thoughts of society. Attending church also gives me a sense of place. Feeling God’s presence makes me feel at peace giving me the perfect sense of place.

As church gives me a sense of place it also makes me feel spirituality. When I am at church I can feel a special connection with God and the community. I feel a special connection with the community because we are all experiencing the same miracle of Jesus being there in our presence.

Like in many communities, the asset of education is present. Even though we might be a small community, we have a very strong education system. Academics is the most important part of my school. They are always pushing us to strive for the best no matter what. Another place where education is present is at CCD. CCD is a church class that can be taken from kindergarten through senior year. During these classes you are able to learn more about God and further your relationship with him.

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