Blog 3- Commonwealth

This summer I have had an in depth look at the commonwealth in my community.  The aspects of my community are very evident if I simply take the time to look for them.  Assets like foodshed, spirituality, and education are easy to see.  However, when I look deeper, I find that a multitude of other assets are also present in intriguing ways.  For example, arts and culture are much more evident than I originally thought.  Recently we had a mural painted on an old building on main street and it’s very intriguing.  Another example of an asset in play is a community three on three tournament, pun intended, for leisure and recreation.  All the proceeds went to a local foundation that helps people struggling with drug and alcohol problems.  Also, just the other day the fire department hosted a fourth of July 5k to raise money for fire works.  These small but simple things help the community so much and make it a better place to live.  With my internship at Santa Fe Trail BOCES, I have been able to have an up close look at the sense of place and education assets.  BOCES truly reaches so many children with special needs, helping them learn in a way that allows them to excel.  Not to mention, every employee there just loves their job and feels like they belong there, like they’re making a difference. (Below are a few pictures of me at my desk and in the file room)  All of these experience and nudges to look deeper have helped me develop an even greater love for my community and intense drive to want to add to the productivity.


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