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In Colby, Kansas, a town of northwestern Kansas some commonwealth assets that stuck out are education, health, and foodshed. Foodshed is a major component in the northwest Kansas region. Numerous acres of farm ground sit in the region. These farmers that are producing crops in the area are suppliers of locally grown produce to local stores. If the crops are not staying local, they are supplying areas that are in need. Working in a hospital in a rural area, you got to see the grain trucks and combines drive by daily. Education is another asset of the commonwealth that is being met in the area. With a community college across the street from the hospital, nurses and professors are intermingled. Nurses that work at the hospital are also clinical professors for Colby Community College Nursing Program. The nurses at Citizens Medical Center strive to teach the new and upcoming nurses. Whether is a procedure in surgery, a delivery of an infant, or a trauma accident on the highway, they will teach you their knowledge The other commonwealth asset that I saw met numerous times over the past several weeks was health. Several patients were coming in to have colonoscopies or EGD’s done for screening purposes. These patients were either of a certain age or had family history that put them at a risk of developing threatening issues to their colon or esophagus.

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