Blog #3

In my community there are many examples of of the 12 Key Assets, but the most intriguing would education, history, and spirituality. Although in a normal town these three things are not usually found in towns that are smaller. Now I know what you’re thinking “small town= 3,000”. Well sorry to disappoint but my town has a staggering 100 people, which is why these three assets would be surprising in such a small town. Vilas, Colorado is a place of not many surprises and many old folks. The school although not having many students attracts students from the surrounding communities, Springfield and Walsh. The average class size at Vilas school K-12 is about 3 students, with some classes having less and some classes having more. K-12 and staff there is about 40 people involved in Vilas’ everyday activities.
Vilas, Colorado also surprisingly has a museum, which is only open one day a year. Inside this museum you can find everything from family heirlooms to pictures of broomcorn makers and their old farm hand that they used to hire. Although there is a small amount of people in the town you can always find people trying to get into the museum for either their personal interest or interest involving their family. This stands out in our community because of how small it is, and I predict it will continue to.
The next most interesting Key asset that I find in small Vilas, Colorado is spirituality I find this shocking because of most of the same reasons, our community is small yet we still find a way to have a church and church service every sunday, while also having youth groups every so often. This is a big impact on the children of the community.
Although I believe these are the most prominent Key assets within my community, I realize that there are many more that can and cannot be seen.

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