Blog 3

In our community we have many Commonwealth Assets we use almost daily, but there are some we do not use as much. Spirituality, history, and education are very big key assets in my community.

In my community there is one church which is Catholic. Almost every single event revolves around the church, like every year our community comes together to raise money for our church it is called Labor Day. We have a big parade, lunch and supper, live auction, games, and a cattle auction. Nazareth has always been a Catholic community, it first started in 1902 when Father Reisdorff came here and brought a number of German Catholics to Nazareth. From there more and more families came and started a community. I recently went on a church retreat to make my relationship better with God. Another asset that we have in our community is history. Our community has a lot of history in it. One of them being the church. I am currently writing an essay over the history of the church. The town was first called Shamrock in 1892, then in 1902 Father Reisdorff renamed it and built a church and a school. Our school also has a lot of history. Over a lot of years there has been twenty one state basketball championships, which is one of the largest state champions wins in the state of Texas. Another key asset we have in our community is education. Education is a big deal in our community. Most kids from surrounding areas come to our school to better their education. Recently we won the state 1A academic meet, which consist of people competing in different academic events like, writing, spelling, speaking, and mathematics.

In conclusion, there are several key Commonwealth Assets in my community, spirituality, history, and education. While we have several assets there are some that we do not have in our community.


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