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The twelve commonwealth assets are sense of place, spirituality, education, health, leisure & recreation, history, renewable energy, soil & mineral cycle, wildlife & natural world, arts & culture, and the water cycle. These are gifts of the natural world and human society in supporting life and wellbeing. I choose sense of place, foodshed, and leisure & recreation because they tie together to make our little community of Tulia, Texas a better environment to live in. We are a big family because we know who everyone is. In need, we serve each other even through the good and bad times. Lastly we support one another. This small town is making big dreams come true.

Sense of place is knowing where you come from. Like what makes your home significant and appealing. The sense of place here is that we stick together no matter what. During hard times, we help out to make the people feel safe. We are a welcoming town to all. This town makes us who we are.

Foodshed, the ecology and cultures that grow produce, market, and distribute food and products from the community. For example, places like the Home Delivered Meals, Swisher Memorial Healthcare, cafeteria, Lowes, and many other places including the people who just do it through the kindness of their hearts. Tulia is a small community so a lot is being distributed.

Leisure & Recreation, is having social opportunities, abilities, resting, re-creating, re-treating, and having fun doing things in life in the community. We are a very athletic, competitive, and supporting town. School events for example; tennis has been to state three times in a row, two gold and one bronze. Band with getting all straight ones and sweepstakes, sometimes being able to go to state. Track having a big amount of students going to regionals. These kids work their tail off every year. Example one, student Ivy Guerra being a freshman now is going into the tenth grade went to state in cross country and track for the two mile placing sixth overall. Basketball, we have some good coaches and players who put everything out on the court no matter what. This town is very good about being there for these sports and many more.

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