Blog 3

By: Alyssa Bullock

Leisure & Recreation – Eagle Lanes Bowling Alley, Wipeout Swimming Pool
Arts & Culture – Koshare Museum, 1st Street Emporium
Renewable Energy – Wind turbines
Foodshed – Corn crops, farmers’ markets
Soil & Mineral Cycle – rotating crops
Water cycle – Yearly rains
Wildlife & the Natural World – turtles
Education – La Junta High School, Otero Junior College
Spirituality – United Methodist Church
Health – Arkansas Valley Regional Medical Center
Sense of Place – City Park
History – Santa Fe Trail, Masonic Lodge

Each of the twelve commonwealth assets plays a key role in keeping communities running smoothly. These assets tell you what kind of community it is (tight-knot, spread-out, etc) and what it bases its economies on (agriculture, manufacturing, business, etc). These assets also demonstrate what direction the community is headed. For example, in La Junta, the livestock/crops surrounding our town indicate that farming and ranching are economic drivers. Our few schools, museums, and recreational facilities indicate that La Junta is a small town, but the vibrant arts and culture scene demonstrates our creativity and increasing focus on citizens’ artistic talents and crafts. By taking the time to thoroughly learn about each of the twelve commonwealth assets that shape our community, we can take measures to ensure their wellbeing. Remembering our sense of place, history, and spirituality honors our past. Growing our renewable energy sources, academic programs, and utility capacities strengthen us in the present. Preserving our landscapes, wildlife, and soil health are key to securing our future.

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