Blog 4

       As part of my internship I had to complete ten hours of community service.  For my community service project I chose to do two things. First I chose to do meals on wheels, I chose this project so I could help those in my community who can not leave their own homes or cook meals for themselves. Meals on wheels challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and confront the people I had to deliver to. I enjoyed getting to meet the other people who volunteer to do meals on wheels and getting to see how bringing a person a meal and having a brief conversation with them can make their day. Being able to do that made it worth my while. 

  My second community service project I did was helping at the school in Kress. I chose this because I go to school there and I wanted to help get ready for the upcoming year. The most challenging task for me was fitting my community service time between football practice and going to work. While at the school, I helped mow grass and pick up trash.  Working at the school was great because I already know everyone there and it made it easy to be out there. I enjoyed being able to help the ones who work during the summer and getting the school ready for the upcoming year. 

  Doing these community service projects really helped me see how just doing something small can make a huge impact on my community. I am glad I was able to be apart of these community service projects and help those in my community. I hope that others decide to take part in services such as meals on wheels or working at establishment in there community.

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