Blog #3

Local dairy
School I did my internship at

The most predominant things that I see in my community are food shed and education. Clovis is known for many farms and dairy life, we grow and produce a lot of food here. This is one of the main sources of food, incomes, and jobs. Agriculture is a growing business and are always in high demand, most of the farms in Clovis are family owned. When we buy local, we support their families while they support ours. I have many friends and know families that own and work on farms. Many people my age (19) are preparing to take over the farm from their parents. They go to college for agriculture or something similar that will teach them the necessary skills to be successful. We also have classes you can take in high school called “AG” the teaches you farming and agriculture skills that you need to be able to work with animals and run a business. This is how our schools tie into jobs, many people are in “AG” because they are planning to do something in the agricultural field. We also have several programs to help if you want to join the military, or the railroad, or get into the police academy. College isn’t for everyone but our schools have lots of resources if you want to have other options. Being successful is very important and all the teachers and staff care greatly about each individual. We do offer lots of scholarships to people who do want to go to college and get a degree. There are several scholarships people in the community give out to kids. We are a small community but we all come together to  help and support each other which makes it a safe and good place to grow up in.

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