Blog 2- What I’ve been up to (Bailee Baggerman)

By: Bailee Baggerman

The past few weeks I have worked with two different companies. Last week I attended the Happy Toy Maker and got to help him and learn how he runs his business. Some of the things I did for him included shipping toys, putting toys together, and painting. I also got to help pour molds for the animals that he sells.
This week, I worked at Quien Sabe’s feed yard. This week I got to learn about how the feed yard works and how they make their money. On Monday, I learned about how the grower feed yard works, and I helped doctor calfs and sort them into their separate pens. Tuesday, I learned how the feed yard works. I also learned how the yard ships cattle in and out of the yard. Wednesday and Thursday, I learned how the mill works and how the feed is made for the cattle. I learned about rations and how to make sure that every pen of cattle is fed the proper amount. On Friday, I learned how the office keeps track of each and every steer and heifer and how they make sure that they are being paid the right amounts and that they are paying other companies the right amount.
During this internship, I want to accomplish many goals. One of my communication goals is to learn how to communicate with others and not be scared to voice my opinions. This will help me to be more confident and be able to get further into my work. One of my leadership goals is to voice my opinion more and take action and help lead others. I also hope to expand my personal networking by meeting people and making connections with others to expand my knowledge and the people around me.

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