Blog 2: What I’m Currently Up to by Grace Hammer

I have been helping High Plains Food Coop with many media projects during my time as an Ogallala Commons intern. High Plains Food Coop delivers farm fresh food boxes directly to customers’ doors in the Denver area. More and more people are concerned about consuming healthy, nutritious, and sustainable foods, and High Plains Food Coop offers this to urban customers. There are many ordering options including one where the customer orders a healthy choices veggie box or high protein box and adds vegetable or individual meat items to customize their order.

 Each week, I update the customer data and send emails informing customers of the new products available to order. I utilize both MailChimp and Wishpond to send emails and upload pictures of items and featured farms. This has become popular during Covid-19 where customers do not have to leave their homes to shop for nutritious food staples.

I have also been tracking ordering patterns so that the Coop has an idea of what items producers should continue to provide throughout the summer months and how many cooler totes will be needed or returned. One of my communication goals is to continue to interact with customers online to help them in their ordering experience. I want to become more proactive and take the lead in customer communication and daily emails.  I would like to interact with the producers to expand my network and learn about their production practices, methods to increase sales, and how each of them differentiates their operations and food items.

Example of emails that are scheduled daily to arrive to customers’ emails.
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