Blog 2 : What I am up to

Over these past couple of weeks since my last blog I have done quite a few things. In my first few weeks I have spent most of my time at the Extension Office planning for several events such as our annual County picnic, District 1 Horse Show, and several other smaller things. I was very honored to help with the District Horse Show. This was the first time I have even experienced one. My job was to get all the contests in order and into the correct class. It was very useful in the sense I got to work on my communication goals that I set. It was very important that I talked to each contestant and for them to understand me properly, so they understood what I asked of them. When it comes to my leadership goals they fell into this same category. I also spent one week at our local Electric company; it was very eye opening to say the least. In a world where we rely on electricity so much it was very interesting to see the systems they have in place. My first day Swisher Electric I was thrown into the fire and we went right to work. I was tasked to observe Oscar a 25+ years veteran there at Swisher Electric. We were tasked to go out to one of the local sub stations to remove old control panels and update them to a new more technological advance one. With this new board they were able to control and check on the sub stations readings from the office. The following day I went with Tim Vargas, he is in charge of new construction. While with him we talked to new customers about getting a service, lining up new jobs, marking sites and general observation. Over the last three days I was with the construction crew. We went to sites that were marked and completed the tasks at hand. We did serval things from replacing poles, moving lines and regular maintenance. I will be returning there towards the end of July and I’m looking forward to it. Overall, it was quite an eventful couple of weeks.

This is what the new control boxes looked like after we replaced the old ones.

In this image I am driving in a ground rod for a new pole that was going up.

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