Blog #2: What have I been up to?

For my internship I am working at the First National Bank in my hometown. This week was the third week of my internship and I am astounded by the new knowledge I learn everyday. During my internship I have learned how the teller position of a bank works. As a person who uses the drive-up of a bank often I never considered or acknowledged the skills it takes to be a teller, especially during a rush. Being in a teller position people expect you to be able to take their money or checks and place it into their account while giving their receipt all within seconds of receiving the cash or checks. In reality it is not that simple. Once a teller receives what you have given them, they then have to write out debit and credit tickets for the transaction. Tellers have to be able to think quickly, count quickly, and be able to maintain under pressure.

When first starting my internship I did not have a very extensive ideal of how a bank worked. With this opportunity I have gotten a better idea of how a bank operates and I have also learned many aspects to banking. For example I have learned there are more than just the typical savings and checking accounts, there are business checking accounts, now checking accounts, regular checking accounts, MMDA accounts, and saving accounts. Each account serves its own purpose and has its own guidelines such as an MMDA account gains more interest than a regular savings account but it requires more money to open and maintain the account and it is limited on the number of times you can withdrawal from the account. I am eager to see what new knowledge the next couple of weeks have in store.

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