Blog 2: What are you up to?

By: Emma Engler

I have been learning so much about my local foodshed with my time working for Ogallala Commons thus far. Before this summer, I had only attended the Amarillo Community Market a couple of times. Now, I’ve been to not only that market but also the Canyon Farmers Market and the Golden Spread Market. With this internship, I have also been able to introduce my family to local food producers by bringing them with me to these markets, and now we are incorporating more local food in our diets. I have gotten to meet numerous local growers, all of whom are extremely nice and are clearly passionate about what they are doing.

As someone who deals with social anxiety, this internship has challenged me in many ways. Going up to strangers and starting conversations is an extremely hard task for me, but it has been necessary for me with this internship. I am grateful for this opportunity to work on my anxieties, even if it has been difficult. My goal in communication is to continue to push myself in this area so that it eventually becomes more comfortable.

My goal in leadership is to introduce more of the people I love to local foods, as it has been rewarding for me and my immediate family. My goal for expanding my professional network is to get involved in community service as soon as possible when I get settled in Walla Walla, Washington, where I will be spending my next four years at college. Through this, I know I will meet other like-minded, generous people whom I will be able to support in their professional endeavors, and they will be able to support me.

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