Blog 2- What am I up to?- Kaylee Denney

By: Kaylee Denney

It was a couple of weeks before I got to work, but as soon as I was in the office it was a nonstop enjoyment. I got an orientation for the office and found out where everything was located and what to do when something happens. The office ladies are so nice and helpful to any question I might think of. I have created many friendships in the office. I also have my own desk where I can decorate it and put my bag when I am working out in the field.

The one thing I have helped a lot with is the Grant County Rec cooking classes that Monica Walker puts on. I get to look at the recipes and make a grocery list of everything we need. I also get to take the company vehicle to the local grocery store and buy groceries for our recipes. I feel extra fancy in the company vehicle! When I come back from the store, I separate and label the food we will be using for the sessions. My favorite part of these sessions is helping the little kids how to cook/bake new items they can show to their families. I enjoyed baking as a kid and to see the excitement on their faces when they discover something new is exhilarating. Then at the end of the session, we get to taste our creations.

Another big thing I do in my internship is help the extension agents and employees with fieldwork. I went to the district horse show with Elizabeth Rogers and helped set up the arena for different events. Also, I got to enjoy watching the sport I enjoy the most, horseback riding. I have also helped with a tagging appointment for a couple of 4-H pigs. We had to take out the old tag from spring weigh-in and put in a new one that matched our paperwork. Then I had to go in and sterilize all of our equipment so it would be ready for next year.

Another thing I get to do is help out on 4-H committees. Our fair theme this year is “Blast from the Past”. Our 4-H fashion revue committee thought it would be a cool idea to do a 70s theme for the fashion revue show. Usually, we buy a kit every year but this year was a bit difficult because they didn’t have a 70s kit on any online store. I went through Amazon and Oriental Trading and picked out things that I thought would look good for decorations. I put together an email with all of the links to the decorations and sent it out. The committee approved it and the extension office bought the supplies to decorate. I am actually on this committee also as a 4-H member so I will be helping set up the decorations I picked out.

My goal to expand my professional network is to make friends with extension agents across the country. I believe making friends with multiple agents will help me in the long run. It will also help me get a future career in the extension agent field.

My other goal to expand my leadership is to lead my own cooking class. I have always enjoyed cooking since I was little and to share that same enjoyment with kids is exciting to me.

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