Blog #2 What am I up to?

The past 3 weeks of my internship have been eye opening. I have gotten to work with children from kindergarten to 4th grade twice a week. My supervisor, the Family and Community Wellness agent for our K-State Research and Extension Office, Monica Walker began holding cooking classes for the youth in our community at the beginning if the month. I have been assisting her with the classes and it is always fun to see how each child is different in their thinking and how they execute tasks. It also feels good to know that I am helping them develop the skills they will need when they’re older that some children don’t have the opportunity to acquire. Aside from the cooking classes, I have been heading a project for the Ulysses News, the local paper. They are doing a 4-H Preview Magazine which will be telling all about our local 4-H program and showcase the members who have been in 4-H for 8+ years. They are also wanting to do an interview with me about my internship and future aspirations. One goal I have for communication in my internship is to get better at answering phone calls with more confidence. Another goal I have is to be able to coordinate and accomplish more projects. And lastly, my third goal for this internship is to put myself out there in the community and make sure people know who I am and that I can be of help to those who need it. I would love to inspire others my age to be more active in the community, and show them that there is so much more we could do to bring everyone together.

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