Blog 2: The Return of the Blog

Blog 2-

Allow me to break from my initial Moby Dick themed blog post for no theme at all to save myself, and reader, some time. I’m currently embroiled in a writing session in which I’m covering high school baseball teams of all sizes across the state. 

The past few weeks have consisted largely of reaching out to coaches and creating a networking arrangement with them that will make future research easier, with less time spent getting their information and more time spent getting information from them. So in terms of communication and expanding my network goals, making sure those contacts are properly organized and maintained will be vital for me.

In terms of leadership in my work environment, there isn’t a lot of bandwidth for me there given that I am the low man on a two-person totem pole. However, I do intend on spending time volunteering at the Great Plains Nature Center and assisting them in removal of invasive plant species across their park. I think people understanding the natural history of the world around them is a very underrated aspect of knowledge and responsibility. So I’d like to think by taking part in that I am to some degree leading by example.

In terms of leadership, I am more of an internal leader than external. I will likely never be one of the “rah, rah!” leader types and instead hope that my beliefs and actions would be more of an indicator of whether or not a person should “follow” me.

TOP PHOTO: My nephew with his pup, Cooper

BOTTOM PHOTO: Our new pup Sir Isaac Newton aka “Newt” (Left) and the seasoned vet, Maverick (Right)

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