Blog 2: The Past 3 Weeks…

My internship has definitely made an impact on my life already, and it is great to see what all our community has to offer. This has also had led me to wonder what I could offer as I grow older. The three weeks I have done this have been really intriguing, and are allowing me to look beyond my own bubble of what I think I want to do. I cannot wait to see what else this internship has instpre

The daycare was my first week as an OC intern, and I had a great time. The daycare experience was one that was no where near what I expected, but it was great to see what it is like teaching children. I had to help disinfect toys, and I also got to help the teachers in the various classrooms, and learned a little bit from the teachers, about how they all learn differently, and that there are certain things that you need to different for varying tasks. The children at the center were really great, and it was amazing to see them soak in all of the knowledge during the lessons. It was a very great week, and I am glad I learned so much about childhood development!

The second week of my internship was very interesting to me! I was at our local courthouse in the Tax Assessors, and collector’s office. I was helping them by replacing the old file folders with the new ones, and helping them with showing them how the new filing system worked after it was completed. I learned so much property taxes, and car titles, and everything you need in order to get a car title. It was a very interesting week for sure, because I only knew the bare minimum of what they did. It zwas great to see the inner workings of a tax office and everything they did!

These past few weeks, have been some of the most influential weeks I have experienced and I have enjoyed every bit of it! From being at the local daycare on week, then going to the tax assessor’s office the next, and this week being at a local boutique! These are all very different places, and I am glad I am not confined to one area of interest, and can get varying experience to broaden my horizons.

I am currently in the middle of my third week, and it has been one of the coolest experiences ever. I am at a local boutique this week, but this boutique isn’t your normal boutique. This boutique serves a launching point for other small business to grow. I am currently working on the marketing, taking photos of various items that are for sale, and also taking pictures in some of the clothes in the shop so we can show the community what all this boutique has in store!t It is great to see the inner workings of a small business and how it all goes together to make such a great store. This week has just started and I have already the best time!

This past few weeks have been a blast, and I am excited to see what the coming weeks have in store! In the future, I hope to expand my knowledge of verbal communication, and professionalism! I hope that this allows me to better connect with people, and to be more approachable, and to lead better in groups! I hope this teaches me ways to better communicate with my peers in the future!

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