Blog 2: Shayna Day

Some people may come to a small community similar to the one I live in and think “There’s nothing here” or “There’s nothing to do in a small town”. Those people would be wrong. One key asset that I think we have an abundance of is leisure and recreation, we have Caprock state park where you can fish, hike, camp, or picnic. Caprock is beautiful and we have people who come to town just to see it.

We also have a local playground for kids and a coffee shop where people can relax and hang out. Plus they have great coffee and sandwiches. Another key asset I think Quitaque offers is history. There is a museum in town full of artifacts that have been found in the area, and stories about people who were from here. There is also an archeological society for people who like history and enjoy visiting historical sites in the area or trying to find arrowheads and other artifacts that were used and made many years ago. My in-laws are very into history and are a big part of both the archeological society and the museum.

The last asset I think is easily seen here is spirituality. There are many churches in our town and surrounding towns that are always excited for new people. The churches offer many ways to contribute to the community whether it’s working in the church, leading a small group, being in a youth group, or attending church camp as a camper or a counselor. These types of activities help you feel as though you belong with these people and create lifelong friendships. 

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