Blog 2: Part 2- Red willow internship/ What am I up to?

Hello my name is Jennifer, with this blog I would like to state and talk about the things I have done in my internship, and what future goals I have for myself / community.

I have been educating myself more on healthy foods and what their benefits are so I can educated my community more on eating healthy and making healthy decisions when it comes to food. Later on in the future I also have plans on educating the youth and any community member’s who are interested in learning about old pueblo foods that my/our ancestors used to eat. I find this as a great importance and something that needs to be talked about because I noticed as years go by these indigenous foods that were once very important to my ancestors; people barely know what foods they are anymore. So I’m hoping this internship can be a stepping stool for me so people will hear me out.

So far i have been making healthy foods, most everything i incorporate into my foods are grown on the farm. From which then i sell to the community on the days we have market, along with i make little information cards on how i made the food, what i used, and what different benefits that food has because of the different things i put in. for example one week i had make kale chips so i made my own ranch seasoning, which i used all of the herbs i needed from the farm, dried then, then grinded them and made my mixture. Then another week i had left over ranch powder that i made so i turned it into a ranch for a veggie lasagna and salad i sold. Those are just a few examples of what i have done so far.

Sincerely, Jennifer Kaasa

Here’s the end result of the herbs i dried and grinded. (Dill, Parsley, Chives)

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