Blog 2 of Physical Therapy

  For my internship I have been working at physical therapy for the last two weeks. My job consist of doing multiple things. The best part about the job is spending time watching the physical therapist getting to see what they do. I also get to help in little ways to make it easier for the physical therapist. I will clean the gym when they don’t have anymore patients for awhile. I don’t just spend time with the physical therapist, I also spend time in the office shredding old documents or helping add charges in the computer. It’s been a great experience working with everyone involved with physical therapy or even everyone in the hospital. 

    I have goals set in communication, leadership, and expanding my professional network. My goal for communication is asking questions during my internship. When I’m not sure why the physical therapist are doing something a certain way I will ask why and what the goal to it is. My goal for leadership is to get younger kids want to do community service in the future. I have done community service hours for my internship and have realized that volunteering for something or someone is good for both sides. My goal for expanding my professional network is staying in touch with the people I work with or even patients I meet. So that in the future if someone ever has an offer that I would be interested in they will know who I am and know how to get in touch with me.


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