Blog 2 – Jacklynn Snyder

My internship, at Hollar Seeds, has gotten off to a great start. Actually, I am already half way done. Throughout the internship, my major projects are to analyze sales data, train with the financial manager, and help with various tasks around the office. My goals for this internship revolve around communication, leadership, and networking. I hope to be able to comfortably communicate on the phone as my communication goal. I am decent but by no means stellar at this, so I hope to gain this skill as I gain practice and learn from those around me. As for leadership, I hope to be able to take control of at least one project, and I have already had the opportunity to do this. I was given a data analysis project and was able to take control and charge through it. My last area of improvement, networking, is probably the easiest. I hope to gain five key asset community individuals. I will develop relationships with them that will last for many years. As mentioned at the beginning, I am already half way done with my internship so I have been able to reach some of my goals, like I discussed above, and I have been able to finish some of my projects. These were actual very interesting. I learned how to analyze data and now Hollar Seeds will be able to use that to make sure their sales are where they want them to be. I have learned a lot by just helping out as well, and I am still being trained with the financial manager. Many more hours of fun are to come!

On the left is a picture of some of the squash data/pictures I had to put into a report. On the right is a picture of my learning how to mail commercial checks.

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