Blog 2: Internship Update

Hi everyone! At the beginning of June, I began my internship. My internship is with my town’s recreation department, so I help Victoria Dunker, who is in charge of everything recreation related, with anything she needs help with. So much has happened since I’ve started.

Majority of the month of June I have been helping with our town’s baseball league for youth. Almost every Wednesday and Friday morning that I can be there, I help coach the younger kids who participate in T-Ball and Machine Pitch. The younger kids are so much fun to coach. It is so rewarding to watch them improve so immensely over the course of just over a month. In the afternoons and nights I help at the games. I help wherever I am needed, but helping at the games mainly includes keeping score and taking stats. I have learned a lot about the sports of baseball and softball, because I have never played.

In small, rural towns that we live in, recreation is one of the things that brings people together. Recreation is also a way for kids to stay busy and active during the summer. It brings a smile to my face watching the kids learn new things and make new friends, which are two skills that will last them a lifetime. Before I started my internship, I wanted to go into the medical field. But after spending more time around children and teaching them, I think that getting to work around kids would be a great profession. I’ve already had such a great time doing my internship, and I’m very excited for what is to come.

The view from the announcers booth.
Machine pitch practice.

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