Blog 2— First Experiences

When I first heard applied for the internship I was not quite sure what to expect. I, along with the other four interns, met up with Darryl and our supervisor to go over the rules and regulations of the internship. After a couple of meetings, we were each assigned to our positions where I was assigned to work with technology and to work on updating the cemetery information.

On the technology side of my internship the main objective is to teach the CCD teachers how to connect their personal computers to the televisions in their classrooms. This is going to be very useful this upcoming year since the teachers will be having a variety of activities on a new program. Along with the teaching, I am creating the new church website. This is my first time to ever create a website so it has been pretty exciting to be able to learn how to do new things. To create the new website, I look back to the old website in order to copy over all of the necessary information. After moving over all of the information, a professional yet interesting theme has to be chosen so it can be more appealing to the eye.

Now onto the cemetery work of my internship. On this side of the internship I am creating a new cemetery book. Unlike the other cemetery books made, the updated one being created has the picture of the gravestones along with the name and information of the person who has passed away.

Even though it might not sound like much, this internship has brought many first experiences and hopefully many more to come.

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