Blog 2: First Experiences

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Kelli Holthaus

Blog 2: First Experiences

Due: June 21, 2015


As deciding what I should do for my major projects I started thinking about when I was a kid and what I wanted to do around the community for fun activities. In Greeley County we currently have many different recreational activities for children. Growing up there were not as many options. So now being able to have a chance to help my community have more things to do I feel the list could be endless. I want to help the kids and teens to realize that there is more to this sleepy town and that our community has opportunities after high school.

One of the projects I plan on doing is a monthly Family Fun Activity Night. With this I will be coming up with ideas to get families out and active along with interacting with other families. I feel this is a good way to make new friends for the children. Getting out on the town will not only help with being active but also help with social skills. Another project I will be working on is called Parks and Trails. With this I will be helping to improve our city park with new equipment and adding trails for a safe place for children and adults to walk.

The weekend of the 5-7th was the June Jaunt and I helped get activities ready for the busy weekend. Many different events were held for this weekend. The main project I worked on to prep for this event was creating a barn quilt to go on the side of a building on K-96 to show off to people who drove through.


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