I have started my internship with golden Spread Farmers Market this last week. Every day I have the privilege of working with people from all over the world. I give fruits and vegetables to families who can’t afford fresh grocery store produce. The three goals I have set for this internship are ones I hope to carry with me in my career. The first goal is in communication. I will be taking the time to ask at least three questions to each family that I am able to help. I plan to take steps in achieving this goal by actually asking the questions. The second goal is in leadership. I will be taking the initiative to get there early and stay later to show my peers I am a leader. Mu third goal is in network building. I hope to gain networking skills while at the office and show I have great communication and leadership skill to achieve this.

I am only in charge of taking care of the clients at the WIC office and making sure everything is restocked for the next day. There are not big projects I will be working on so I plan to network with those around me and make my own projects. Some odd jobs I will be doing instead of the market is helping the growers pick the produce. The growers of the produce are local around Canyon and Amarillo and have a great responsibility to feed the community. I have had a lot of experience already meeting so many families and I can’t wait to see how many more I meet and all the experiences I know I will have.

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