Blog 2: Finding the (Re)Purpose…

Please note: I could not get my photos to upload for this post. I will keep trying to resolve this and will post a second post shortly with photos and captions.

First of all, as a former intern, I am absolutely elated to be undertaking an apprenticeship through OC this year! Being given the opportunity to participate in the Commonwealth Fair at the OC retreat was a wonderful experience because it was a way to individually address and gain a better understanding of the various aspects of the commonwealth concept.  Presenting on the “sense of place” was not only gratifying for me but it also made me think about the human connectedness to localities like I had never thought about before. In thinking about one’s sense of place, it really is possible to discover a new sense of purpose…

Ironically, the work that I am doing this summer is mostly focused on contributing to the effort being made by a few local organizations such as LULAC Council 682 and the Community Council of South Central Texas to establish a social service hub in a low-income, predominately Mexican American area of Seguin. As this initiative would be housed in the former Juan Seguin elementary school, the majority of the work required of me will be to garner support for the repurposing of this building.

As this will likely be a long and tedious process, I have enjoyed being a part of the planning process for this project  up until this point and the meetings and proceedings of local government, I have learned much about process but also patience and diligence in working towards the successful establishment of the re-purposed Juan Seguin school.

I am very excited to see initiatives like this one taking place in my city because of what these can mean for the strengthening of local food systems! Much of my excitement comes from the thought of the Juan Seguin school making a meaningful  contribution to the local food system through providing public kitchen access, housing a food bank that is currently cramped for space and in need of room to grow, as well as potential office space for various agencies that could be working on various projects in improving the local food systems. This project is the work that I am so hopeful will continue for years to come!!


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